SunRocket is Crashing

The VoIP company I use, SunRocket, apparently is going out of business. They have a lot of outstanding debt that they can’t pay and all last ditch efforts to either continue operations or sell the company have fallen through. In fact, a leaked internal memo states that SunRocket may shut down at close-of-business TODAY!

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SunRocket is Toast, MEMO

Last Friday:
The SunRocket is Down for the Count

SunRocket Forums at
SunRocket Forums
A lot of ex-employees from SR have come in confirming that SR is going down.

Worst part of it all is that there has been NO official notification from SR to its customers so unless you read tech blogs or follow forums like you have no idea what’s going on. It also leaves a lot of uncertainty regarding whether phone service will abruptly stop and whether customers’ numbers can be ported out.

I strongly recommend anyone who is at SunRocket to sign up at a new provider whether it be VoIP or landline and start porting your numbers out of SR immediately.

I just signed up at Viatalk, another VoIP company. They have a decent 2-for-1 yearly $199 deal and you can use the code SHIPFREE to get free shipping on their adapter.

Based on comments from SR insiders, it looks like SunRocket was mismanaged. The original founders lost control to the VC’s and the new management team just messed it all up (ex-AOL chronies, so it’s not surprising). It’s sad because I was happy with SR’s quality of service. Good luck to all current SR customers!

Midnight Update:
New York Times and AP have reported on this now (here and here) so there should be no doubt left as to SR’s fate. I find it appalling the company STILL has not made an official statement. Even supervisors and directors at SR’s call center were completely unaware of problems until the last second when the call center was shut down and everyone lost their jobs! Unbelievable.

My service is still up on 2 separate SR lines. Call quality gets choppy intermittently but for the most part it still seems to be working fine. Some people have reported service stoppage.

ViaTalk Update:
Viatalk is now very backed up due to a large influx of orders from SR customers. If you’re switching I’d recommend getting the Rush processing, although I’m not sure how much faster it really is.

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  1. Congrats on switching to ViaTalk, Phil! Hopefully you’ll be as happy as I have been with their service (I’ve been keeping an eye on the SR downfall too and feel it is my civic duty to suggest a good voip provider for those struggling to get a new one, lol).

  2. Thanks Stacy. Hopefully it goes well but there’s already a potential sour note. They took down their 1 year free promo after I submitted the order so I’m not sure if I’m still getting the deal. They’ve now changed the promo again, each time it was a reduction.

    At first it was get 1 year free, then it was a 12 month contract buyout, and now it’s a 6 month contract buyout. I have a ticket in – hope it gets clarified. Will report back.

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