Those Annoying Speaking Ads

Recently I’ve encountered (quite often now) an extremely annoying form of online advertising. When you view a web page with the ad, a high-pitched, annoying, high school girl voice comes on suddenly and says, “Congratulations, you have just won a free iPod nano!” or something to that effect. I think it drones on with instructions but I’ve never made it that far. I always close the site. Damn, these things are so annoying!

They play automatically as soon as the page loads – you don’t even need to hover over it. Talk about f*cking intrusive and annoying as hell. That whiny voice just makes it so much worse; it makes me want to tear my hair out, it’s that annoying. Whoever came up with these ads needs to get punched in the face. Website operators, if you want a sure-fire way to drive visitors away then these ads are the way to do it.

Advertising that pisses people off = FAIL

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