Being Lazy Under This Insanely Hot Weather

Everyone in NYC knows we’re going through a heat wave – heck it’s going to be 98 tomorrow! This kind of unbearably hot weather makes me so lazy. I have air conditioning but I try not to turn it on until the afternoon – I try to not turn it on during peak hours. The sleep deprivation is definitely catching up to me too. For the first half of today I just couldn’t stay alert. The combination of my extreme drowsiness and the hot weather made me extremely sluggish. So needless to say I was not very productive.

I’m making up for it now by doing some work outside of my normal hours. I try to maintain normal business hours (9am – 5pm) even though I’m free to structure my work hours however I wish. It helps me separate my business from my personal life and keeps things more organized. I usually do not take calls during off-hours either. I might take a business call outside of my normal hours only if it’s an important call that I’m expecting. Otherwise, I leave it to voicemail. Most of the time I let voicemail screen my calls anyway because a lot of them are telemarketing calls and Indian IT outsourcing firms trying to shill their services.

I took a nap in the afternoon too because I was feeling so tired. And that’s what I love about self-employment. I get to dictate my own schedule and if I’m tired I can take a nap. No one is going to give me grief about it because I answer to nobody except I guess, my clients. But that kind of relationship is vastly different from that of a boss and employee. You could say I have somewhat of an aversion to authority, which I attribute to my stubbornness. It’s not to say I can ditch work whenever I want because I do have deadlines and project tasks/milestones that need to be completed on a schedule, but generally I have a lot of control over how I work.

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Here’s an amusing video from Youtube user Renetto (the second half kind of tails off, you can probably skip it):

He’s actually a very successful entrepreneur/inventor who’s also had success in music and art. Interesting fellow. This video has more background on his endeavors.

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