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  • Beautiful Weather

    I must say, aside from maybe a week of freezing cold, we’re having an extremely mild and warm winter in NYC. It’s going to be 60 degrees tomorrow! Madness. End of the world?

  • Hot Weather Brings Out the House Centipedes

    We’ve recently just had a 90+ heat wave for a week here in NYC and it seems to bring out the bugs. Most notably, house centipedes. Yes I just used my advanced research skills to find that page on Wikipedia.

  • Being Lazy Under This Insanely Hot Weather

    Everyone in NYC knows we’re going through a heat wave – heck it’s going to be 98 tomorrow! This kind of unbearably hot weather makes me so lazy. I have air conditioning but I try not to turn it on until the afternoon – I try to not turn it on during peak hours. The […]