I Want the Galaxy Nexus

Me want: Galaxy Nexus Review (by The Verge). I’ve been waiting for this phone for quite a while. Believe it or not, I’m still on a basic phone, an old LG Dare.

I’m not really into Apple products so I never went for the iPhone but when Android smartphones started to come out, I felt I didn’t really need a smartphone and I figured I’d wait for the second generation of phones. Later on, I had my eyes set on a Droid 2. But I read about better upcoming phones and 4G LTE so I said okay, let’s wait. Then of course all the new LTE phones had crappy battery life so I thought I’d wait for the next batch of LTE phones with better batter life. (It’s still not much better today but that’s another story).

But I realized the next best thing is always just around the corner, especially with how fast smartphone technology is improving these days and the pace at which new phones are coming out. So I decided to not to wait, and was going to get the Droid 3. Around that time there were reports that the Samsung Galaxy S2 would be coming soon so I made up my mind that was the phone I’d get. I really did have every intention of getting the S2 as soon as it came out – no more waiting.

But of course what happens? Verizon Wireless is the only carrier not carrying the S2. What now? I soon learn that Verizon would carry the Samsung Galaxy Nexus exclusively instead of the S2. The Galaxy Nexus would be better in every way and Google’s new flagship phone running Android 4.0.

So now Galaxy Nexus is finally almost upon us. Verizon’s been extremely tight-lipped about the exact release date but all reports point to a release within November. Can’t wait any longer!

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