Disfunctional Government

I haven’t really been an observer of our government for that long, maybe 10 years, but I’ve never seen it so bad. It really does appear that nothing can get done unless the Democrats have the White House AND super majorities in both the Senate and the House. When Republicans have majorities, stuff still gets done, because Democrats are willing to compromise. You might just say they’re spineless, but they know that governing requires compromise, especially with a 2 party system. And they don’t blatantly put political ambitions above serving the country. I don’t know how it could get more obvious that right from the get-go, the Republicans sole mission is to deny Obama any kind of accomplishment, to ensure that he fails, even at the severe detriment of the country. They’ve stated this outright on many occasions – their priorities clearly aren’t proper governance but unseating Obama come November. Even if it means the country dips back into recession for many years.

The House Republicans are fucking ridiculous. First they completely oppose any extension of payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits. There had to be deal/compromise brokered with Republicans in order to get just a 2-month extension through the Senate. All of a sudden the House Republicans refuse anything less than a 1-year extension. HUH?!

People need to realize that the President is not a tyrant. He NEEDS Congress to pass legislation. But we have a bunch of obstructionists in Congress who are only interested in power and not the good of the people.

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