Yen Hsun Lu Beats Andy Roddick at Wimbledon

Wow, Taiwanese player Yen Hsun Lu (ranked no.82) beat Andy Roddick (ranked no.7) in a major upset today at Wimbledon. Normally, I’d support Roddick, but not today, got to support a fellow Taiwanese. Nobody gave Lu a chance. Nobody. Every commentator was expecting an easy straight sets win by Roddick. It was a great. Honestly I thought it’d be hard for Lu to win in the 5th because there’s no tiebreaker and Roddick is an amazing server. Lu evidently felt the exact same way. But he hung in there, kept fighting, and won the match on his first match point. I’d love to seem him beat Djokovic too. If he were to meet Federer however, I’m going to be very conflicted.

Poor Roddick, I really feel for him though. Guy doesn’t get broken all match until the last game and loses. Another heart-breaker at Wimbledon. At least this time it wasn’t at the hands of Federer. But no one expected it to be Lu!

By the way Yen Hsun Lu is from Taiwan, a sovereign country, not stupid Chinese Taipei. It’s only called Chinese Taipei because China is a bully. They can’t even show the real Taiwanese flag next to Lu’s name. It’s ridiculous.





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  1. Allen Kuo

    hey phil! remember me from the stratagem days? haha, i stumbled upon your page from an old site i had in ’03 that linked here

    i didnt get to watch the match, it ended right when i got out of class, but was definitely excited. i actually called my dad (who is extremely pro-green party) right away to tell him yen hsun lu beat roddick haha

    1. Yea I remember. I don’t know much about Taiwanese politics. All I know is that I really hate that Taiwan has to be represented as Chinese Taipei in international sports. Dick Enberg (tennis commentator) was actually referring to Lu as Taiwanese today so I has happy about that. This ain’t China, we have something called freedom of speech.

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