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  • Yen Hsun Lu Beats Andy Roddick at Wimbledon

    Wow, Taiwanese player Yen Hsun Lu (ranked no.82) beat Andy Roddick (ranked no.7) in a major upset today at Wimbledon. Normally, I’d support Roddick, but not today, got to support a fellow Taiwanese. Nobody gave Lu a chance. Nobody. Every commentator was expecting an easy straight sets win by Roddick. It was a great. Honestly […]

  • Federer Wins Record 15th Major, 6th Wimbledon

    TMF now has the most grand slam victories in history. Wow, that was an unbelievable match. Another Wimby EPIC. Federer d. Roddick 5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14 Check out this amazing ATP tribute:

  • Andy vs. Andy

    Andy Roddick and Andy Murray are playing their 3rd set tiebreak in their semi right now. Crowd’s crazy for Murray. I’m rooting for Roddick. Murray is annoying – yelling and fist-pumping after every single point, like he just won the set or something. UPDATE: Yesterday I voted on tennis.com that the final would be Federer […]

  • US Open 2007 is Entertaining

    More people ought to follow tennis. This year’s US Open has been pretty enjoyable so far. Federer continues his flawless and completely dominant play as usual. That guy is so fun to watch. I don’t know how anyone can challenge him. Tonight’s match of Federer v. Roddick is definitely an exciting match. Their head to […]