Federer Wins Record 15th Major, 6th Wimbledon

TMF now has the most grand slam victories in history. Wow, that was an unbelievable match. Another Wimby EPIC.

Federer d. Roddick
5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14

Check out this amazing ATP tribute:

Roddick played great, the best I’ve ever seen him play. His serve was unbreakable and those backhands were on fire. I feel sorry for Andy. Think about this – Federer only broke Roddick once in that monstrously long match, and that was the break that won the match. Federer himself was firing aces like a machine. That 5th set could’ve gone on forever! They basically played 8 sets. Congrats, Roger!

Federer looks effortless and smooth out there but this shows once again how difficult it is to beat Roger at a grand slam in the 5-set format. Only Rafael Nadal has done it (much to his credit). Roddick played at a very high level all throughout and threw everything he had at Federer like in 2004/2005. The differences this time were Roddick’s improvements in his backhand, volleying, approach shots, and the fact that Roger couldn’t read his serve well (Roger has typically read Andy’s serve extremely well, thus their current head-to-head record). He was only broken once and yet still lost. How demoralizing is it when you play the best match of your life and you still lose?

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