Federer Loses to Berdych at Wimbledon

Well, yea. I thought Fed had chances and didn’t take advantage. All those chip returns and unforced errors on 2nd serves. A bunch of uncanny forehand errors that should have been gimme points. On many balls I thought he could reach, he didn’t even try. Movement-wise, I thought Fed was very flat. I’m still a bit sore on that loss. Fed may be aging and not have the same zip that he used to but I still think he can win more majors. Forget Nadal, Fed needs to find a way to neutralize these tall players with huge serves and forehands. The future of tennis seems to be heading this way (Soderling, Del Potro, Berdych, etc.).

I think he’s going to practice hard this summer and come back strong during the US hardcourt swing. I just made a $100 bet with someone that Fed will win the US Open. Yea, thas right!

P.S. Lu lost in straight sets in a routine win for Djokovic. :-(





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