Newegg is Amazing

I buy all my PC parts and sometimes other electronics from Newegg. Newegg almost always has the best prices and fast shipping. Free UPS Ground shipping is available on many of the more popular products as well. I bought a WD 1TB hard drive yesterday at around 2pm with free UPS Ground shipping. I just got the hard drive today at 4pm. That’s a 1 day turnaround from site checkout to my door. Is that amazing or what? I did not pay for expedited processing and used plain UPS Ground shipping. The quick delivery is also because they have a warehouse in Edison, NJ so if the part is coming from there, it reaches NYC very quickly. But I find even coming from California, Newegg shipments tend be delivered very quickly. This is just amazing service considering their sales volume – my order shipped out the same day it was received. This is why I will continue to buy from Newegg.

Newegg’s actually planning an IPO. It’s a profitable company and has been growing in a highly competitive market. I’ve never shopped at a site where I’ve always experienced complete satisfaction with every purchase, in every aspect. If Newegg continues to run its business the way they always have, it should continue its success. That IPO looks mighty attractive.






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