Disgusting Pests

Went into the kitchen at around 3am the other night and happened upon 3 large roaches feeding in this mini garbage can next to the sink. Large insects, especially ones that move quickly and unpredictably, freak the hell out of me. It’s a phobia of mine. I managed to kill 2, but one got away even though I got it with the roach spray. I hope it died in some corner. I hadn’t seen a roach in about 2 months and now 3 at the same time?!

My place is very clean and not conducive for an organic roach infestation. These roaches started showing up several months ago and I’m convinced a roach hitched a ride in someone’s jacket or luggage or whatever. The frickin spray continues to lose potency with these buggers. In the past, any roach I encountered would immediately spazz out with one spray. But now I have to drown these buggers in the stuff before they die. Gonna have to get some roach baits.

This is war.

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