Oscars… Who Cares?

Are the Oscars really relevant anymore? I was only interested in the opening jokes so Youtube came in quite handy for this. Does an Oscar-winning movie make you want to see it more?  I saw Hurt Locker a couple months ago and didn’t really think much of it. I don’t get what the big deal about it is. Avatar was great eye-candy and the whole flying dragon thing was cool, but the plot is recycled, dead simple, and predictable. And there really isn’t a lot of meaningful dialogue in Avatar, despite it being frickin 2.5 hours long. I don’t know, when I think about the Oscars, I kind of just shrug my shoulders.

I haven’t seen a really great movie in a while. An awesome movie last year was Zombieland. I’ve never been into Star Trek, but the rebooted Star Trek was pretty entertaining.

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