Valuable Host Sucks

I’ve been blogging for a while now but the reason there’s nothing before November 2003 is because my previous web host, Valuable Host, deleted all of my data before I could retrieve it. I probably mentioned them in the past several years ago, but I don’t think I have on this blog so I think it’s about time. The reason I even bring this up is because I was going through some old posts adding some tags, and it reminded me of Valuable Host. So here’s why Valuable Host sucks..

Back in 2002, I was using a web host called ValuableHost. I’m not even going to link to them but they haven’t updated their website or pricing since I left! Back then, I was outgrowing my plan and decided to move to another host because the new host was cheaper and had a great reputation. So I contacted Valuable Host to cancel my plan. I had already paid until the end of the current monthly billing cycle and was just notifying them so that I wouldn’t get charged again at the end of the month for the next cycle. This is standard practice with most companies on monthly billing cycles.

Well, what did they do? Even though I had paid time left, they immediately cut off access to my account and deleted all of my data before I had a chance to back it up! When I asked for their backups, they refused and said the data was deleted. Maybe I was short-sighted in not backing up the data before cancelling, but they were completely wrong to just delete everything even though I had paid time left. They did not even give me a refund for the time I had left.

I lost over 2 year’s worth of blog posts, guestbook entries, other miscellaneous data, and older versions of my website (I started my personal website back in early 2000). That type of stuff has sentimental value to me. So for this reason, Valuable Host sucks! Getting ripped off for money is one thing but they basically erased an online journal of 2 years of my life. I had even written a good review for them on a review website while I was hosting with them. But the way they acted when I wanted to cancel was spiteful and despicable.

Chalk another one up to the shit list. Actually if you go by chronological order, Valuable Host should be a founding member of the list.

UPDATE: I did a little digging and it looks like the company was sold sometime between when I left and now. Apparently, it is now pretty much an abandoned company. I should note my incident happened under the original owner. So it looks like Valuable Host is the first company on my list to go down in flames.





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