Incompetence is Everywhere, I Can’t Stand It

Seriously. I can’t stand how incompetent people are that they can’t even complete simple tasks. In my last post I mentioned that I visited a med center to take care of some administrative issues regarding my mother’s health insurance. Well the reason for that visit was to fix a mispelling of my mother’s name on her insurance card. This was something that literally took 2 minutes but we were forced to go in person and wait an hour and a half.

Well the new card came today and the name has a different mispelling now. I spelled out the name and watched the person write it down but somehow they still got it wrong. Now because of THEIR mistake I have to go down there again with my mother to fix this and wait there again for them to fix their idiotic mistake.

How incompetent do you have to be to get something so simple wrong? I clearly pointed out the original mispelling (instead of an “N” they had an “H”). I had the guy write down exactly how the name was supposed to appear. AND IT STILL COMES OUT WRONG. Unbelievable. When you call they refuse to fix it over the phone. You HAVE to go down there in person and show picture ID to correct the name.

How dumb and incompetent do you have to be when you can’t spell someone’s name even when it’s written out for you? Maybe I need to go down there with a printout of the name in big block letters. They even photocopied my mother’s driver’s license for crying out loud. Seriously I can’t comprehend how this could happen.

I’ll tell you what – if I ever have employees so inept I would fire them. I have absolutely no tolerance for incompetence of this magnitude with anyone I work with. Sure people can make mistakes but I can’t accept it when it’s something so simple. This kind of mistake shows a complete carelessness and indifference to your job or it means you’re so stupid you should’nt have the job anyway. Someone clearly points out the error and shows you the solution, and you still get it wrong? Geezus, this ticks me off so much. What a ridiculous waste of time.

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