Congress, Democrats = Useless

Can the Democrats stop being such wussies and actually get something done? They need to stop issuing subpoenas that get ignored or threatening contempt charges and instead actually take action! When is anyone going to take this administration to task and impeach Bush and Co. for their numerous crimes and transgressions? Democrats like to talk the talk but then they go and expand Bush’s illegal surveillance power. Pelosi is a god damn joke. Impeachment is off the table? What the hell is wrong with you woman? Great way to show everyone you’re really in the administration’s pocket, you sock puppet.

The founding fathers are rolling in their graves, seeing as how our system of checks and balances are being rendered null and void as Bush and the executive branch continue to act completely unchecked. King George and Queen Cheney need to be overthrown.

Approval ratings for both Bush and Congress are at record lows. Go figure.

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