Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is a very important concept for anyone using the Internet or web-based services like VoIP phone service. Net Neutrality basically refers to the principle of letting users have equal access to any website or web service they want. Right now, companies like Verizon and AT&T, which own significant portions of the Internet network infrastructure, have been heavily lobbying Congress not to put Net Neutrality into law.

Verizon and AT&T and other similar companies want sites like Google, Yahoo, and Ebay to pay additional fees for providing so called “fast lanes” to users. What’s the problem with this? Consumers already pay for Internet access whether it’s dial-up, DSL, Cable, etc. On other end, companies who run websites also pay for network connectivity for their websites. And now the Internet backbone providers want MORE money?

This video is pretty informative:

What happens when there is no Net Neutrality? Internet Service Providers can control what you have access to on the web. ISPs can in effect, extort companies into paying them additional fees for connectivity to consumers and end users. ISPs will be able to promote their own services, ie. slow down your connection to Google so you’ll use the ISP’s search engine. A recent Net Neutrality measure in a Congressional sub-committee was rejected and is quickly turning into a partisan issue. Way to go Republicans! Way to serve the public good and not cater to corporate interests!






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  1. P Juang

    Hi Philip,

    Liked this post – heard about it briefly on 1010 WINS – if the Repubs have their way – their corporate bosses will have their way – too bad – could put a real halt to progress on the net & also cause further digital divide between haves and have nots.

    Check out this article – something similar could be put on your web hosting site as a FAQ for people searching for hosting solutions – SEO optimization opp.

    Over the weekend, I met a fellow that owns a 2,500 website “leasing” corp to dentists – he helps the dentists have a web presense and leases the websites to the dental practices – not a upfront fee, but ongoing revenues [great continuity] – he chose this niche because dentists are great at dental tech – tools, but lousy at the online tech stuff – anyway, he figured out how to get another $50.00 per customer per month – this leads to roughly $1 million in additional revenues per month.

    Is there a niche market/vertical that you can market to? Local RE co’s – no up front, but monthly charge that over the course of 6 to 8 months will net you the same as the up front fee/charge & then continuity program that will rake in the dough?

    What is happening with the Bxb tee shirts? I would like to send you a UPS call tag to get the shirts back to me in college point.

    Yeah, living with M&D post college is not ideal – I did it for several months after Asia, before Wall Street – it was not optimal.

    Let me know when you get back into NYC.

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