No Academic Motivation Left

Wow, since Spring Break my motivation to do school work has plummeted. I just don’t feel like doing any school work anymore. I look at my textbook and it’s just like, I don’t want to read this at all. There just doesn’t seem to be a point, at this point. I’m focusing more and more time on entrepreneurial endeavors. In under 2 months I’ll be a graduate. I can’t wait to be out of school.

The other day I was in my human resources class and I was completely spaced out. The professor was talking and I was just in my own little daydream. Actually I wasn’t even really thinking about anything. I was literally just sitting there in a daze pretending to pay attention. So we often have these discussion questions in class where we work with the person we’re sitting next to. After that the professor usually calls on people. Apparently, he called on my group (my friend and I). I had no idea because I was so spaced out. I didn’t even work on the discussion question. I was just kind of looking around and was wondering why the professor was staring right at me. Luckily after a few awkward moments, my friend spoke up. She told me the prof had called on us and she thought I was going to answer. Haha, oh well.

Lately I’ve been getting into the (bad) habit of staying up later than usual and have missed a few sessions of the same class I described above. What sucks is that if anyone else is absent the professor might not even notice it. But when I’m absent it’s noticeable, because I’m the only Asian guy in the class.





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  1. Philip J

    Interesting blog site – some AU fellow.

    Stubled across this blog today – blogger has easy to read style.

    Last 3 months of my senior year, I spent riding my motorcycle and having as much sex as possible [probably in that priority] – was preparing to go to China for a 1 year as a volunteer [year of abstinence] in post Mao & pre full on capitalism Beijing.

    But still, being in school is great compared to having to “make rent” and deal with the reality of making a living as an adult.

    Staying in Ithaca after graduation?

  2. Yes, I visit that site. The author of that blog is quite successful, he makes 6 figures a year just blogging.

    School is great in that we really don’t have real responsibilities but I’ve already had 5 years of that. Maybe it’ll suck or maybe it won’t, but I want to start worrying about things that actually matter, not about handing in some assignment.

    I considered staying in Ithaca after graduation but have decided to move back home after graduation.

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