V for Vendetta

So I watched V for Vendetta over the weekend and it was really good. As you may know, it’s produced by the same creators of The Matrix trilogy. The movie is thought provoking and a lot of the stuff alludes to what’s happening in the world today. The basic plot is that because of the global war on terror and attacks in England, English citizens eventually give up their civil liberties in the name of security.

V for Vendetta

A high chancellor rules the country, controls the media, and restricts a lot of basic freedoms. The people kind of just take this as the way life is. Then there’s this masked rebel called V who is determined to bring down the regime and open everyone’s eyes. Obviously V is a very mysterious character since he’s covered from head toe. Over the course of the movie you learn more about his past as well as how the current regime came to power.

It’s a really good movie and I recommend that you go check it out. And wow, Natalie Portman is so pretty. She manages to look attractive even when she’s bald. There’s a very cool scene in the beginning where V spews out a whole speech where nearly every single world starts with a “v”. You can almost tell instantly once V starts talking that he’s played by Hugo Weaving (Mr. Smith from the Matrix).

“People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.”





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