Possible Kevin Garnett Trade

Wow, just a few days ago, I was talking to my housemate while we were watching a horrible Houston Rockets game and I said that Kevin Garnett should just slack off until the Timberwolves agree to end his contract or trade him.

Kevin Garnett

Then KG goes on TNT and expresses discontent about the Wolves and Kevin McHale. And now there are murmurs that KG could be traded to New York or Detroit! That’s really exciting news to me. On the one hand, the Knicks SUCK (I lost faith in my home town team a long time ago with good reason) and could probably use a superstar like Garnett. But then again his talents would be wasted because the Knicks just don’t have enough to be a championship caliber team.

Now on the other hand, Detroit is an awesome team. The Pistons have been my favorite team since they whooped the Lakers 2 years ago. The Pistons are very well rounded with both strong starters and bench players. And they’ve got great defense. Detroit is very likely to make it to the finals again, if not win the championship. The rumors are that Pistons would trade Rasheed Wallace and Darko Milicic. It would be sad to see Rasheed go but he’s being replaced by the 2004-2005 league MVP with at least 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists per game. Those stats speak for themselves.

If KG goes to Detroit, the Pistons would be unstoppable. Garnett perfectly complements the Pistons. It’s not like the former Lakers or today’s Miami Heat, where they have a bunch of stars that can’t play together. The Pistons don’t have to make major changes to their style of play to accommodate Garnett. But right now it’s all speculation, we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds.

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  1. i think miami heat should trade anyone on there roster besides of course d-wade and oneal to get garnett because they do not have anyone that can score in the low post they have no low post scorer besides oneal and without one they have no chance what so ever to beat detroit in the east to get to nba finals does anyone else agree (trade jwilliams, walker, posey , anderson anyone maybe even riley hes a backstabber anyways )

  2. I think Miami heat should trade Jason Williams,walker,posey. for Kevin Garnett i think Garnett will have good role with Shaq and Wade. Dream: Garnett,Wade,Shaq

  3. OK EVERYBODY LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anyone that says that the Minnesota Timberwolves should trade Kevin Garnett is completley out of there mind! garnett is the heart and soul of not only the Timberwolves, but also Minnesota itself! If we ever traded Garnett the wolves would completly fall apart! No fans would be at the games, no one would even bother watching on TV! ppl are saying that Garnett has nothing left in the tank! Thats such Bull! Garnett was jus named a couple yrs ago the leagues MVP! and also the MVP of the All-Star game! so don’t even give me that trade Garnett crap!

    Kevin Garnett is really unhappy with T-Wolves and Minnesota so why shouldnt he be traded?
    My opinion is that they have ruined one of the best basketball players throughout history.
    T-Wolves didnt get the MVP-awards for KG, it was KG who fought for them and nobody else.
    and so what if the T-Wolves fall appart, they’re a shitty team anyway without KG.
    I think Detroit should get KG because he cooperates well with his former teammate Chauncey Billups.

  5. No you listen up…..Kevin Garnet will be traded to the Clippers for Korey Magette, Singleton, Ewin. How much sense would it make to reunite Kevin and Cassell……. This could possibly be a powerhouse if they arrange such a mark. With the Clippers growing success this could be the player that they would need to be a championship caliber team. I see this as a possible trade for this coming season.

  6. KG must unleash his true potential and establish a dynasty…WITH DETROIT

    After our heartbreaking loss to the Heat, we need a power forward who can step up to the plate and deliver. We lost the games in the Heat series when Rasheed didnt perform. Philip got it right, with KG on the Detroit roster we will have another spectacular season AND POSTSEASON and he can FINALLY get the ring he deserves.

  7. I actually wrote that back in November when there were rumors swirling about a mid-season trade. I wonder what will happen with KG during the off-season.

    And the Pistons lost because they choked. I mean come on, 7 game series against Cleveland? They were clearly struggling through that series and with Miami. Whatever their issues were, they need to clear them up.

    But I’m glad Miami won – I really, really hate the Mavs. And Dwayne Wade has made a new fan out of me. That guy is just amazing. King James my butt, D-Wade is the new king and he has a ring to show for it!

  8. There are trade rumors going crazy that detroit will sign back Ben Wallace and trade him and others(Mcdyce) for garnett. Joe Dumars and Flip are disapointed with his 24% free throw percentage during the playoffs. Garnett wants to come to Detroit, he wanted to go to University Of Michigan but couldn’t pass the SAT to get a scholarship. He wants to come back to Flip and Chaunce. I got all this info from the Pistons trainer. His names Mike.

  9. Wow, exclusive NBA info on my site? ;-)

    It’ll be sad to see Ben Wallace leave and he contributes a lot defensively, but that hack-a-Ben strategy is killing them. At least Shaq can still score. But if they trade away Ben, they really have no presence in the post, defensively.

    McDyess is decent but inconsistent – I would be okay letting him go for Garnett. Actually I’d be okay with them letting go both Big Ben and McDyess but they really have to fill the defensive void. I’m not sure KG should really be playing the center position on defense.

  10. Well, when i posted a comment earlier i didnt realize we would see Big Ben go. As it turns out he fell for the big money witch the Pistons could not match, and now sadly the D in Detroit is packing his bags for the Windy City. I mean C’MON, does he think they are of championship calibre. This dramatically changes the dynamics of the Eastern Conferece, as Miami is the unquestionable number 1 seed, with the Pistons at Number 4 maybe Number 5. I thaught with the whole kg thing, it would be him and Ben at the post. I agree with Philip that it would be unwise to put kg at Center. I was wondering what people think of the prospect of trading Antonio, their number.1 pick from Orlando and possibly another guy (save the starters) for kg. Could it possibly fly, or you think there is no chance at all for kg coming to Detroit. If that happens kg/Rasheed could play the C/PF positions depending on the opponent.

  11. hahhaha those guys in the beginning that said that trading jason williams and walker and posey for garnett were wrong! MIAMI WON THE FREAKIN CHAMPIONSHIP! hahah. but i dont think back then that they should have traded those guys for garnett. because of course, they would have been good. but, i dont think KG would fit with miami. he’s better off with another team. like atlanta. he could really help the hawks. he could also re-unite with stephon marbury. but i dont know who the knicks could trade. maybe steve francis, quentin richardson, and/or jamaal crawford. so KG has possible choices.

  12. Well here goes! Garnett needs to get out of the woods and play for a real team. Contray to what most of you think (I expect) he should go to the Lakers. With his dominace and ball handling skills they would finally have a REAL second option besides Kobe. In addition he could help Mimm and the kid, Kwame Brown, develop their skills to the next level. Lastlly, playing there he would make the Lakers another for real contender rather than the pseudo one they were this year. Its a given the Lakers would have to give up some good players to get him but you gotta like Kobe, Farmar, Garnett, Mimm(Brown), and Odom and move Smush, Devean, Cookie, and Jackson out of LA

  13. KG is staying put…unfortunately. The man wont see reason. He is getting a big paycheck and assurances from the Timberwolves that they will improve their roster. He thinks they will have a shot..they wont.

  14. man if you really want a championship garnett just wait to your contracts up after this season and sign to the lakers to help kobe your gaurenteed to win a championship together yall would acompany each other well trust me

  15. i think kg should go to san antonio to help out duncan in the low post………………. oberto is getting it done they could trade oberto horry and some others……………. this would be a perfect fit for kg and the san antonio spurs……….

  16. I think the best place for KG is to remain in the west and play for the Lakers. With everyone double teaming Kobe he’ll benefit and possibly earn a title. Go Lakers!!!

  17. No Lakers, no Miami. Send KG home to Chi town. Da Bulls and the Lakers have the right pieces to make the deal work, but i will vomit if i see KG in purple and gold….Garnett for Nocioni, Ben Gordon, PJ Brown and a pick…..Garnett and the Lakers just doesnt sound right…..

  18. I’d have to go with lakers. its just my opinion, u guys can disagree if you’d like!! KG is one of my favorite players and I know what he is capable off!! I know he can turn lakers into a championship team… what lakers is lacking off is defense and rebounds… Imagine what Odom & KG could do to help the defensive and rebounding ends of the lakers and not to mention Kobe. Kobe doesnt have to seem selfish all the time if he has somebody that can back him up strong at the offensive ends. Also, everytime I go to a lakers vs. timberwolves game at staples, fans always cheers for KG, just as if he was Kobe opening the game. If he does go to a team with alott of big names, KG will be held back… just like the allstar game and when Shaq and Kobe was in the same team, nobody knew how good kobe really was cuz shaq was the star… but no matter where KG goes, he truely deserves a ring!!!

  19. KG to the pistons..it’ll never happen. With the acquistion of C-Webb, there isn’t really a spot or absolute desire for a player like KG who in reality does the same job that Webber does (rebound and assist with playmaking and scoring) albeit he does it better…There is no way in hell that a player of Garnett’s caliber who is already stuck on a team that isn’t going anywhere would allow himself to be traded to the knicks who to say it politely>>>SUCK!

    IF the Lakers were to sign KG, it would probably mean that they would have to give up another high caliber player like Odom or someone coming up like Bynum, plus they’d have to take into account the salary that they have to pay out…but if for a moment we could just think about it, it would be awesome, KG + Kobe two players who want nothing more than to be winners…you can just pray to the basketball gods that this happens.

  20. I think Garnett should definitely be sent to Chicago. The Bulls is the new force in the East, but they are lacking the post go to guy. Gordon and Hinrich can’t hold the team by shooting all night.

    Trade Candidates:
    Andres Nocioni
    Chris Duhon
    MIchael Sweetney
    9th Pick

    Starting Line Up:

    Center: Ben Wallace
    Power F: Kevin Garnett
    Small F: Loul Deng
    Shooting G: Ben Gordon
    Point G: Kirk Hinrich

    Tell me that doesnt sound realistic? Then we have the up and coming starts Tyrus Thomas and Tabo S. coming in for relief.

    What do you guys think about that?

  21. Listen up jugheads…..KG is a born looser. I would love to see KG reunite with the soft minded Flip Saunders in Detroit. Detroit will NEVER win with Flip or KG. KG had the team to do it with Cassell etc. He choked, and always will. When push comes to shove, all the jockeying in the world by any team in the NBA wont make a damn bit of difference as long as there is a Duncan, Parker and Ginobili. And make no mistake, that combo makes me sick….Ive just come to realize year in and year out there the best team. As evident in there soon to be 4th NBA title in 9 years. Don’t forget, they were a miracle shot and a Boneheaded once in a lifetime foul from winning there 6th championship in 9 years come next month. Duncan cancels out Garnett on Detroit, parker is way too quick for Chauncey, and Ginobili constantly gets to the rim on Prince or Rip. Even with Garnett, they cant beat the Spurs. Get serious……….

  22. the bulls need a down low man and KG is the answer!!!!!!

    bulls trade: hinrich, nocioni, and the 9th pick in the draft

    bulls receive: Kevin Garnett

    that would be perfect
    heres what the starting lineup would be: gordon, sefolsha, deng, garnett,and wallace!!!!

  23. Ok folks, it’s going down. I just got the word…..Andre Miller, Sammy D, Willie Green, and the 21 pick for Garnett, it’s all but official. You will be hearing this over espn before the draft.

  24. ok lets settle this now first the guy who said get jackson out of L.A. YOUR CRAZY now the lakers are going to get garnet thats for sure pistons, miami havent even talked about it those were just rumors that were found out to be false now celtics were rumored to try and get garnet but garnet refused the trade now really the only team talking to min. is the lakers they should trade a k. brown andrew and a farmer or smush and it just may be a done deal or k. brown andrew and luke but if they can trade some players while keeping lamar in L.A. can you say kobe, lamar, and garnet triple threat and new NBA CHAMPIONS!

  25. KG should go to the detroit where chaucey should and nazi mohammed should leave linzy hunter or chicago for pj brown , loul deng and adres nocioni

  26. KG should go to the detroit where chaucey should stay and nazi mohammed ,linzy hunter and flip murry or chicago where pj brown , loul deng and adres nocioniwould help this teamdominate.

  27. Kevin garnett needs to go to lakers. Minnesota gets bynum,rodmonovich,and cook in exchange for kevin garnett. Face it if kobe leaves there shouldnt even be a lakers. But if kevin garnett joins kobe and lamar that has championship written all over it. There’s no way Kobe will stand carrying the team any longer. Personaly I think kobe deserves a good star with him. Don’t you. Oh and jerry buss I hope you read this cause you are the reason lakers are shit. The only decsent players are Kobe and Lamar.

  28. “OK EVERYBODY LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anyone that says that the Minnesota Timberwolves should trade Kevin Garnett is completley out of there mind!”

    He’s a CELTIC now! ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Good Luck filling up your arena!

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