Aeon Flux

I saw Aeon Flux last Friday and it was a pretty good movie. I only vaguely remember some episodes of the old cartoon on MTV, so you don’t really need to be an Aeon Flux fan to enjoy this movie because the movie stands on its own. Some critics are saying the plot is confusing but I thought it was pretty straightforward, so unless you’re an idiot, you should have no problems.

The story isn’t amazing but it is fairly interesting. The cinematography, set design, and overall style of this movie are cool. There are a lot of good shots throughout the film and the action is pretty unique because of Aeon’s style of movement. Even the fashion and architecture are pretty avant-garde so it really creates a different, futuristic environment and makes the movie somewhat artistic. There’s intrigue, mystery, and even love in this movie. I’d recommend the movie to others.

Aeon Flux

Charlize Theron definitely nailed the part right on the dot – I don’t think anyone else would’ve been able to portray the character with any depth. Plus Charlize is probably the only actress with the physical attributes to match Aeon Flux. She doesn’t have the perfect body but it’s good enough. Plus she did most of her own stunts, what other actress can do that?

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