Bad Low Carb Food

What’s up with this stupid low carb craze? My biology professor said fad diets are never good – most of them are not even healthy. The Atkins diet actually isn’t good. And this is true with all fad diets: once you stop, you regain the weight you lost very fast.

I had my lunch break and I ate at Subway. I got this bag of Doritos Edge chips. I didn’t even know it was a new low carb variation. The chips tasted like cardboard! This whole low carb craze has got to stop. It’s so annoying, I hate seeing products with a little “Atkins-approved” logo.

I think the best way to lose weight is just to simply eat in moderation and exercise everyday. All these complicated diets are useless. The fact is if you gain more calories than you lose in a given day, it’ll eventually turn into fat. So the key is to exercise daily, enough so that you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in.

And don’t pig out every meal. Eat until you’re moderately full or satisfied, not until you’re completely full and bloated. These stupid diets push your body out of equilibrium and after you end the diet, you’re going to gain the weight back. Regular exercise will also increase your overall metabolism, which is probably one of the best tools against weight gain. The more food your body processes into energy, the less fat deposits you’ll have.





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  1. Kuo

    Food industry isn’t thinking about the people that need to gain weight >=(

    I wouldn’t mind a store making food with extra carbs.

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