The Brenda Clucas Hecht Business Award

I’ve been studying all day and about 30 minutes ago I awoke from an hour-long nap. I check my email and discover great news! My group won an award for an entrepreneurship course we took this semester (AEM 325). It was a lot of work but I learned so much and it has become one of my favorite classes.

Anyway, my group won the ‘Brenda Clucas Hecht Business Award’ for the business plan we developed and each of us is getting a plaque and $300! That is pretty awesome. And it’s not about the money, because we didn’t even know we could get awarded. It’s about the recognition for all the hard work we did, for which I’m really proud. I must also mention my hard-working group mates, Matt Nixon and Steve Yu. This was a team effort and we did outstanding work.

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