Linsational Run Continues

Jeremy Lin had a great first half and showed fatigue in the second half, but the Knicks played team basketball and came out with a hard fought win. It was really great to see the Knicks tough it out and everybody contribute. While Lin had a somewhat poor shooting night, he came away with 20 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds, and 3 steals. Yes, it’s been a long week with him playing 5 games in 7 nights and average 39 minutes per game, the most of any Knick. But I would still like to see him get stronger and cut down on turnovers. Yes, someone that handles the ball that much is bound to have some turnovers but I think that’s an area where he can improve. Good thing he’s got 2 days to rest up. Keep it up Lin, you’re an inspiration. I’ve never been this excited to watch Knick basketball – or any basketball for that matter. The only thing that might compare is the Jordan days in the 90’s but I was so much younger then.

Yes, this is now the Jeremy Lin blog.

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