Knicks have had 2 days off so the Jeremy Lin show is on hold for a little bit. No problem. Here’s a freaking epic video of Lin v. Kobe. You know the NBA is gonna milk Linsanity. They got their greedy eyes on not only fans here but China, Taiwan, and freaking all of Southeast Asia for that matter.

I KNOW – Lin cannot be compared to Kobe. Lin’s played 5 great games and Kobe is well, Kobe. We all know his accomplishments and standing in the game. He’s a guy people compare to MJ. But in this one game, Lin held his own and carried his team to a win. Lin dropped 38 points on Kobe and the Lakers!!! He shot mid-range, shot threes, drove in and finished, passed, spun, man he did everything. ALL HE DOES IS LIN.

And tell me how often do you see an opposing player out-perform Kobe and win the game, when Kobe himself is having a good night?

The Jeremy Lin Show continues tomorrow night. Look for Lin/Stoudemire or Lin/Chandler in the pick and roll.

P.S. In the video, Fisher fouls Lin on the spin move at 0:43 and at 1:46. Not called for either foul. Lin makes the shots anyway. Spin move speaks for itself. Other one OVER an outstretched Bynum. What. And one.

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