Madrid Open Website is Still Horrible

I posted last year about the Madrid Open’s horrible side-scrolling, incomprehensible website. Well this year, it’s not much better. It’s a gigantic Flash mess that’s nearly unusable. To scroll you literally have to grab a virtual scrollbar. I don’t even know where to begin. I had to find Order of Play information from the ATP website because I couldn’t find it on Madrid Open’s website. It is just bad. So bad. The agency designing this site is stuck in 1999 and the people at the Madrid Open clearly have never spent any time using their own website. Either that or they’re easily impressed by cheap animated transitions and background music.

One response to “Madrid Open Website is Still Horrible”

  1. It really sucks, some of the links dont even work like results or scores. And I also hate that for every order of play or draw you have to open a PDF, why they don´t update it directly on the html?? is it really this time consuming?

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