LOST Finale

Well, LOST ended last night. Don’t know quite what to make of it, I just know the journey is over, and it kind of feel like a journey. And I don’t think the point was to figure out what the island was or to answer every mystery but just to follow the characters’ stories.







At first I thought the plane flying over as Jack died was the original Oceanic flight and that everything reverted back because the people in the flash sideways all came together. But then I realized what’s more likely is that it was just the Ajeera plane that took off. I think people that died are dead, some people continued living on the island, and a few flew off at the end. They all lived out their lives.

I still don’t really know what the island is and there are a lot of questions about things that happened that were never explained. And I’ve watched this series from beginning to end so it’s not like I missed anything. But I still thought the ending was kind of beautiful in a way and have accepted that the journey is over. The last scene makes you think about the beginning.

I still remember the pilot actually and when I watched it. They had only filmed the pilot for LOST for ABC’s upfronts.  Upfronts are TV industry events that occur some time in the spring before the following fall season, where the network presents their fall lineup to advertisers and negotiate ad rates. The pilot had leaked and there was buzz about this great new show. And it was understandable. I watched the pilot that spring before Lost officially premiered in the fall and was just blown away. It really felt like a movie and was just different from what you traditionally see in primetime TV. Then the show was officially announced and I told my housemates (I was still in school at the time) to definitely watch when it premiered and that was the start of my LOST journey.

Overall, I thought the ending was OK. I don’t think it was necessarily bad, but I’m just a bit disappointed that one of the most fundamental questions wasn’t answered. It was posed by Charlie quite simply in season 1 – “where are we?” They didn’t explain (at least not really) what the island is.






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