Knicks Next Year

So it seems like the my hometown team, the Knicks, might be able to bring in some real talent next year with its maneuvers to clear salary cap space. With Tracy McGrady and his expiring contract, the Knicks have enough room to bring in 2 top tier players. James and Wade as free agents next year are awfully enticing, but I don’t know if both would come to NY. Players like that typically want to lead the team and it won’t work with 2 alpha males. But either way, with the right talent, the Knicks might finally be worth watching. I gave up on the Knicks a long time ago and you might say a real fan sticks with it through thick and thin, but there’s only so many crappy games and 4th quarter collapses against mediocre teams you can sit through before enough is enough.

Honestly, I don’t think Tracy McGrady is a good long term prospect at all and the Knicks know this obviously. He’s here now to clear cap space next year. I don’t think he’ll remain healthy and his style just doesn’t win championships. He hurt his knee in the 2nd game back for crying out loud. McGrady said he’d want to stay if the Knicks bring in top talent and that money doesn’t matter. But unless he has a stellar season, he’d have to take an Iverson-like salary for the Knicks to keep him. AI’s salary is ridiculous by the way – why did he come back for crumbs?

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