I’m Never Getting My Package

Are UPS drivers instructed not to attempt delivery if they perceive even the slightest danger or obstruction? We had a blizzard last week in NYC and since then, UPS has refused to deliver my package. On 3 separate days the status page for the package says “EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS’ CONTROL”. After the first 2 times, I figured it’s because there’s piles of snow on the sidewalk blocking access by foot from the street. So I shoveled a clear path to my front door and made sure no parked car would block this foot path from the street. It’s not wet or slippery and the snow on the street was melted. So there was really no reason to cite any kind of “emergency conditions” because now they could easily get off the truck and walk to my door. But no, failed delivery a 3rd time.

Well it just snowed another 3 inches last night and I think it’s still going. I am never freaking getting this package. I’d walk out to the truck if I knew when they were coming. There was a reason this package was supposed to come before the previous weekend. And now I’m wondering when the heck I’m actually going to get it. When all the snow melts? That could take another week for crying out loud. Geez UPS guy, suck it up will you? Snow’s not going to kill you.

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