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Kim Yuna Breaks Her Own World Record

Kim Yuna broke her own world record (again) in the women’s figure skating short program with a leading score of 78.50! And she did it after falling in practice and after Mao Asada, her main rival, put up an exceptional performance herself (73.78). Kim Yuna’s the best and she proves it again, that triple lutz triple toe loop was beautiful. The thing I like most about Yuna is that her performances are actually fun to watch, the choreography is great, and she puts a lot feel into it. A lot of the other skaters look like they’re just smiling and going through the motions until their big jumps.

The video below is from the Skate America competition back in mid November, but it’s the same short program she did in Vancouver tonight. Her last world record (76.50) was set at this event.

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