If There’s No Public Plan…

Then the supposed healthcare “reform” has already failed. Obama’s healthcare reform is about 2 things – cutting both short and long term costs and expanding coverage to those who don’t have health insurance.

Cutting costs should be a normal thing, it shouldn’t be called reform when you try to make things more efficient and operate on less money. Never mind the fact that Medicare and Medicaid (along with Social Security) costs are going to skyrocket over the next few decades to unsustainable levels, regardless of the current/projected budget deficit and national debt. So doing something about that is absolutely necessary, not reform.

The key component is significantly expanded coverage, or universal coverage. This is true healthcare reform. There’s so much disinformation out there and ignorant idiots across America are eating it up like cake. And this is creating a significant political problem for Obama, who’s already backing away from a public health insurance plan. If so, this supposed reform has already failed.

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