Obama’s 30 Minute Infomercial

Any Presidential campaign with enough money to pull something like this off would jump at the chance to do it. Obama’s campaign is unrivaled in size, depth, scope, and coherence. That’s been made possible by millions of ordinary people donating to his campaign, completely shattering fundraising records. McCain would be an absolute hypocrit if he says he wouldn’t do it if he had the money. The segment had strong ratings and it was a great opportunity for Obama to talk directly with the American people and explain exactly what he would do as President.

American Stories, American Solutions: 30 Minute Special

You’ll notice that McCain was never mentioned in the entire segment. While all McCain can do now is throw slime, along with the kitchen sink, at Obama. Because that’s all he can do. Is anyone familiar with McCain’s proposed policies? In 2000, when McCain was running against Bush in the Republican primaries, he personally stated that when all a campaign does is attack, it just means they don’t have any good ideas or solutions to the real problems facing this country. He also said he would never run a campaign so dirty. But that’s exactly what he’s done – McCain has run the filthiest Presidential campaign in history.

McSame’s campaign lacks substance and despite Obama’s assertions that he’d continue Bush’s failed policies from the last 8 years, he hasn’t done anything to convince us otherwise. So basically McCain equals bad policies, continued influence from lobbyists (just look at how many are working in his campaign), and extremely poor judgement (Sarah Palin: case closed).

If it wasn’t obvious, I’m voting for Barack Obama next Tuesday and I feel supremely confident I’m making the right decision.

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