Federer Wins 2008 US Open, 13th Grand Slam

Federer beat Andy Murray in the final in straight sets (6-2, 7-5, 6-2) to win his 13th grand slam and 5th straight US Open! Finally, he grabbed the last grand slam of the year. I thought Murray was really going to give him a fight, considering how well he played against Nadal. Congrats, Roger!

I was annoyed seeing how a lot of the media and all the doubters came out of the woodwork saying he was having a bad year. The guy made a semi and 3 finals in grand slams this year (and won the last final)! He is definitely in the mix and I think the mononucleosis he had at the beginning of the year affected him longer because even at this US Open, there were at times I thought he looked kind of sluggish.

He had kind of a tight match with Thiago Alves but turned around and soundly beat Radek Stepanek (who had beaten Roger earlier in the year). He looked good against Stepanek but then went 5 sets against Andreev – in the past he would have steam-rolled guys like Alves and Andreev. But he really improved his game by making less errors and moving a lot better when he played good players like Djokovic and Murray.

I was rooting for him the whole way. I didn’t want to post because I didn’t want to jinx him. :-D I just want to see “The Mighty Fed” back. Hopefully he can recover the No. 1 ranking over the next year and finish out this year strong. I have absolutely no doubt he’ll surpass Pete Sampras’ 14 grand slams. Actually I really want to see him break Nadal’s run at the French Open but that is pretty big challenge, since Nadal is arguably the best clay-courter of all time.





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  1. Dan

    I was actually disappointed not seeing Nadal in the final. But yeah, good game Federer

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