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  • Tennis Season Back in Motion

    All the top players, most notably Federer and Nadal, are back in action this week at the Rogers Cup in Montreal. This is part of the US Open Series that leads up to the US Open. Federer’s coming off a hot streak, winning Madrid, the French Open, and Wimbledon; regaining no.1 ranking; and having twin […]

  • French Open: Road to Semis

    Yes, another French Open post. Murray has just lost and I wasn’t surprised at all because while Murray has improved, he’s still not really great on clay. And Soderling shows his win over Nadal was no fluke, when he beat Davydenko pretty handily earlier today. I had actually thought Davydenko would come through since he’d […]

  • French Open Week 1 Roundup

    I woke up today, checked some tennis sites, and had my jaw hit the desk and I let out a very audible “OH MY GOD!”. It was that shocking. Nadal lost at the French Open. In the 4th round, to Robin Soderling! You know, I’m a die hard Federer fan but that doesn’t mean I […]

  • Federer and Cahill

    It seems rumors have been swirling for weeks that Roger Federer may hire Darren Cahill as a coach. Recently, it was confirmed Federer is currently training in Dubai with Cahill. Supposedly, nothing’s definite and they’re testing the waters. But it’s certainly an interesting development since many have suggested The Mighty Fed needs a good coach.

  • Federer Wins 2008 US Open, 13th Grand Slam

    Federer beat Andy Murray in the final in straight sets (6-2, 7-5, 6-2) to win his 13th grand slam and 5th straight US Open! Finally, he grabbed the last grand slam of the year. I thought Murray was really going to give him a fight, considering how well he played against Nadal. Congrats, Roger!


    This Wimbledon final is unbelievable. We’re going to a 5th set. Wow. Just WOW! UPDATE: Well, I’m disappointed Federer lost, but give Nadal credit – he played a great match. Both played unbelievably well. That was probably one of the best matches I’ve ever watched (if not THE best). That was seriously incredible tennis. These […]

  • So Many Pundits Writing Off Federer

    I’ve been seeing so many articles and videos of people picking Nadal to win Wimbledon. I want to see Federer prove them wrong. He’s been playing flawless tennis – few unforced errors and incredible serving. I think it’s going to be very, very difficult to break Federer’s service games. But I would have to agree […]

  • 2008 French Open Men’s Final, Federer v. Nadal

    Wow, I did not expect Federer to be so thoroughly dismantled. Although I knew Federer had to play an excellent match to win, I honestly believed he had a chance. Nadal is just too damn good on clay.

  • NBC’s Coverage of 2008 French Open Men’s Semifinal Was Awful

    NBC, you suck. Your coverage of this year’s French Open Men’s Semifinal matches was AWFUL. You grab the rights to broadcast but you do an absolutely horrible job, making it thoroughly un-enjoyable. Instead of airing at 7 AM to cover Nadal v. Djokovic live, NBC obviously aired their stupid morning show. They started airing the […]

  • US Open 2007 is Entertaining

    More people ought to follow tennis. This year’s US Open has been pretty enjoyable so far. Federer continues his flawless and completely dominant play as usual. That guy is so fun to watch. I don’t know how anyone can challenge him. Tonight’s match of Federer v. Roddick is definitely an exciting match. Their head to […]