So Many Pundits Writing Off Federer

I’ve been seeing so many articles and videos of people picking Nadal to win Wimbledon. I want to see Federer prove them wrong. He’s been playing flawless tennis – few unforced errors and incredible serving. I think it’s going to be very, very difficult to break Federer’s service games. But I would have to agree the final is going to be a very tough match because it’s very clear to everyone Nadal has improved his game on grass. But seriously, how can anyone write off Federer, the guy has won the last 5 Wimbledon’s and 65 straight matches on grass and still counting.

I think this is pretty much a battle of wills. Both obviously have the talent but I think Federer can only lose if he chokes. If he succumbs to the pressure and loses focus, the match can easily run away. But if he stays focused and raises his game to meet Nadal’s challenge, he’ll be fine. If you watch Federer consistently, you can see that whenever he’s in trouble, or he’s facing a challenge, he has the ability to raise his level of play just enough to squash you. With less talented opponents, he obviously doesn’t even need to play his best to absolutely destroy them.

Well then, one could ask why he couldn’t do that in Paris? Nadal is just too good on clay. He’s stays very far back and has great athletic ability, which goes a long way on clay, which is a much slower surface with more uniform bounces. I know Federer’s very fit but I think he needs to get physically stronger so he wack the ball harder and put a bit more spin on it like Nadal. Look at Nadal, what about him sets him apart from Federer on clay?

Anyway, I’m with Luke Jensen on this one – Federer in 3.





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