Cancellations the Way It’s Supposed to Be Done

About a month ago, I signed for a trial membership over at Doba, a wholesale dropshipper directory. Basically it’s a list of different manufacturers and distributors that will dropship orders for you. For those unfamiliar with dropshipping, you take the order, forward it to the dropshipper, and they’ll ship the item to your customer. You charge the customer a retail price and the dropshipper charges you the wholesale price plus shipping fees. They will usually remain transparent in this process so the customer thinks you’ve sent them the product. So anyway, I called to cancel my trial membership yesterday and I only had to speak with the customer service rep for literally 2 minutes.

I mainly just wanted to take a look at the products they had available in their directory because I was doing some preliminary research on dropshipping. I can put up my own fully functional Ecommerce website so it wouldn’t cost me too much. The biggest factor would be choosing the right product, the right niche, and then marketing.

The original trial membership is actually only 1 week. A few days into the trial, I got a call from a Doba rep asking if I needed any help, etc. I said not really I knew what I was doing and the call was ended without much trouble. They weren’t pushy or aggressive. So at the end of the week, I called to cancel and they said they’d extend my free trial for another month. I thought great, since I didn’t have that much time during the 1 week to really look through the directory in depth.

Then yesterday, I called again to cancel because I really don’t need the paid membership right now – I was just doing some preliminary research. Now I did get placed on hold for about 5-7 minutes which I guess wasn’t great. But once I got a rep on the phone, I just told him I wanted to cancel. He asked for my phone number, account number, and then told me the account was cancelled. Just like that. I was actually a bit stunned because I was expecting the usual sales spiel. But nope, it was cancelled – quick and easy.

This is how customer service and cancellations should be done. I don’t want an offshore representative who I can hardly understand. I don’t want to hear about your special discounts or other plans. I don’t want to know why this service benefits me and why I should keep it. I AM CALLING TO CANCEL, SO PLEASE CANCEL. That’s why I gotta tip my hat off to Doba, good job for making my cancellation completely painless.

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