The Breakup

The Breakup

I saw this movie a couple of weeks back. Now, Vince Vaughn is usually pretty funny and in this movie he has some moments. You know how he mutters on and on about stupid things – that’s kind of his act. But this movie overall is pretty damn boring and after seeing the ending I wished I could take back the 90 minutes I lost to this utterly meaningless film. (Spoiler Alert: do not continue)

I’ll admit a lot of people can probably relate to some of the stuff in the movie like Aniston’s character wanting Vaughn to “want to wash the dishes” to which he replies “why would I want to wash the dishes?” I mean every guy has probably experienced this in one form or another. But after watching all their antics and what not, the movie literally just ends. Like a ship going on a voyage but just stops in the middle of the ocean for no reason. No conclusion. The movie just stops – leaving you thinking what in the HELL was the whole point.

So here’s the spoiler (if you can even call it that), the entire movie they string you along thinking maybe they’d end up getting back together. That’s the ending you expect and even if it’s cliched, that’s the ending I’d prefer. So I guess they tried to do something new, or rather stupid. Instead they don’t get back together and actually break up. And they go on their merry ways. And that’s it. If the movie as a whole was funnier, maybe I wouldn’t feel so ripped off. The one thing I hate worse than bad movies or boring movies are movies that have no point – and The Breakup is one of those pointless movies.





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