OMG, I Won the Euromillones Spanish Lottery! (SCAM)

I’ve Hit the Jackpot

I’m announcing my retirement – it’s only $715,950 but I think I can stretch that and bum around for a decade. Okay, I’m kidding. The other day I got a piece of mail (direct mail, NOT email) that came from Spain (I’m not sure, but definitely somewhere in Europe). There’s no return address and I thought… that’s weird, I don’t know anyone in Europe.

Forged Letter With Fake Graphics

Euromillones Scam
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I open it up and there’s this watermarked letter complete with crappy header logos and an even crappier graphic in the bottom right that’s supposed to be some kind of authentic security seal. These graphics are blurry and just scream fake and unprofessional. So this letter goes on to describe how my name was submitted to an international lottery in Spain through a cross-promotion with some American company and that I won $715,950. They claim that it’s now placed at a security company and I have to call them so they can transfer it to my bank. I’m guessing the first thing they’ll ask for is some money to deposit or some type of transaction fee.

This letter has so many things on it that should set off warning alarms for people but I’m sure people fall for this, just like those Nigerian email scams. I didn’t think they did this with direct mail though. I’m surprised because this cost them “50p” from what I see on the stamp, while sending emails is basically free. If these fraudsters are willing to spend money, it means their endeavors are profitable and people are indeed getting scammed.

Obviously when I get a foreign letter telling me I won a lottery I didn’t participate in, my first reaction is skepticism. I thought “okay, whatever” and the first thing I did was hop on Google and search for “euromillones” and quickly confirmed this is a scam. Apparently they used to do this with email as well (or maybe they still are).

Here’s another page about these fraudulent scams on the official Euromillones website: Scam Letters & Emails

Watch Out For Scams Like This

I’ve added (SCAM) to the post title just to make it really clear. This post was originally meant to be sarcastic but people who’ve received the same letter are finding this post online when looking for info. So just to confirm, the Euromillones letter is a SCAM.

Bottom line is if you actually won the lottery they would not just mail you a plain letter like this to notify you. It would most likely be a phone call or at least a certified letter requiring signature. And they would never ask you for personal financial information or any kind of up front deposit to claim your winnings. Plus, how many lotteries have you played where you had to give out personal information like your home address?

As good as it might sound, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is – money doesn’t just drop out of the sky onto your lap like this.

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  1. Same thing happened to me, won 825,000 pound. Very poor graphics they used in letter. Ref number: 951/004/844/ and batch number 503890017.

    Address: c/o Intercontinental Security Company
    4-7 Oxford street, East London
    W1C2HP, United Kingdom

    Contact: Anthony Stan (+44-203-318-4882 or fax: +44-207-504-8132).


    Letter from: Eric Loudon

  2. Yahayy I’m a winner too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a bunch of sad people there are in the world today to waste peoples time on such a poorly executed scam!
    they are obviously thinking it works ( and there must be people falling for it) as it seems to have been going on for quite a while – you would think they could afford better paper to send it on by now though!

  3. Got my third letter today [25/01/13] by now according to them I am worth about £2,000,000 they must think i am mad, but some poor unsuspecting people might fall for it why does the spanish authorities allow this to go on?

  4. another thing fishy is that the lottery ticket that they display in the bottom right isn’t an euromillions lottery ticket its actually the spanish national lottery, looks like the scammers haven’t done their research. I remember watching the spanish national lottery gordo at christmas they use one child to pick the number and one child to pick the prize. the person that done this scam doesn’t know what a euromillions lottery ticket looks like.

    1. Yes and the person who lived at my address 2 years ago has just won £285,000 on the Peoples Postcode Lottery. As I don’t have a forwarding address, please feel free to claim it on their behalf by phoning JOHN ROGER whose direct number is 07939 877161, or 0207 164 6021. I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to take your call any time of the day or night, especially in the early hours of a Sunday morning! It says to keep details of this prize confidential and not to disclose to the public, but I’m only sharing it with a few of you, aren’t I? ?

  5. Just a note to say that it is now the PEOPLES POSTCODE LOTTERY still the same address 4-7 Oxford Street East, London. contact name John Roger and two telephone numbers 0207-164-6021 and 0793-987-7161

  6. I just received a letter telling me of a ‘big’ win from peoples postcode lottery.
    Same address as above, 4-7 Oxford street, East London W1C 2HP. And HEAD OFFICE 200 Wetstraat, Rue De La Loi Brussels Belgium.
    Contact Alex Roger the Foreign Service Manager of PRIME FINANCE COMPANY on 02071646021 or direct line 07939877161..
    The letter is printed on a very poor quality paper, with obviously photocopied registry marks. I can’t believe that anybody would fall for it, even though it came by first class post costing them £0.63. Apparently they will want 5% of the winning for processing expenses – well, they will not get anything from me, the letter is going straight to the recycle bin!

  7. My late mum has just received an award letter from the “Peoples postcode lottery” telling her she had won £285k! Exactly the same as your letter Alp. Obviously in the shredding pile. Just hope they don’t send the same to my Mother in Law. Dementia would make her believe anything.
    HUGE SCAM!!!

    1. I had a letter this week post code lottery saying I had one £258000. Strange as I don’t to the lottery, checked out the address and yep it’s a scam. If they want to waste 63p sending me mail I will happily recycle it.

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