Half My Wisdom Is Gone

So today I had a wisdom tooth removed. This is #2 out of 4 that must go. I had one removed a couple of years back. Had to go to an oral surgeon to get the sucker out. It was relatively large and under the gums, so the guy had to cut open my gums, crush the tooth, then clean it out. This time was simpler, my regular dentist basically loosened it up and yanked it out.

Thing is, there’s another tooth that also requires oral surgery so I gotta go back to that oral surgeon. I remember he was a Cornell alum too.

Anyway, the whole reason I have to remove the wisdom teeth which I ought to have done a while ago is that they’re pushing on all my other teeth. Apparently that’s not good and if I leave them in there longer I might need braces eventually. In fact right now, I’m border-line in terms of needing braces. Let’s make it clear that I DO NOT want to get braces. I’m frickin 23 – how embarassing would it be to have braces for 2 years?!

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