Now I Understand Where It’s Coming From

Okay, so many of you know I’m a business major here at Cornell, but the major is officially called Applied Economics and Management or AEM. Sometimes AEM majors get stereotyped as a bunch of party-goers who have an easy major. This is also true for the Hotelies here. I can’t speak for the Hotelies but for the most part this stereotype is NOT true. But most stereotypes have some roots in truth right? Well now I finally understand where this is coming from.

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Competitive Strategy Game

So I’m taking this class called Management Strategy and we’re playing a simulation game played by business school students. It was created by a professor in UC Berkeley and basically each period your team or “firm” can build capacity and specify price and quantity for 4 different markets. Each team has different cost structures and each market has different characteristics.

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What She Doesn’t Know Will Kill You

This was an article that appeared in the UMass college newspaper, The Daily Collegian, written by Matt Brochu, dated November 21, 2003. I didn’t write this and just reposted in on my blog a long time ago. Apparently this piece gets passed around a lot and I got a ton of requests to put it back up so here it is:

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US Open – Agassi vs. Blake

Wow, the quarterfinal match between Andre Agassi and James Blake was such a great match. 5th set tiebreaker to decide the match. Agassi was down 2 sets to love and came back to win the match. I was rooting for Agassi because hey, the man is 35 years old and still competing with the best players in the world. Blake definitely played a great match, the guy has a very strong forehand but unfortunately for him, Agassi was able to pull through. To Agassi’s credit, there were really some awesome winners and returns.

US Open 2005 Andre Agassi

Meanwhile, during the match I was locked in a battle of my own, going head to head with Tom in Texas Hold’em. I have the short stack but I’ve repeatedly pulled through on rivers and what not, to Tom’s frustration. We’ve temporarily paused the game until tomorrow. :-?

The Situation in New Orleans

First and foremost, everyone should do what they can to help:

I keep reading article after article about how the situation in New Orleans is degenerating and how the lawlessness is rampant i.e. people shooting at hospital evacuations. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with these people? There needs to be a serious crackdown on crime in the city – hopefully the increased troop deployments will help (better late than never).

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Gunhill Residences Sucks

Gunhill sent me a letter that’s addressed to all of the housemates indicating an amount of money we owe, giving us 3 days before legal action. These people are ridiculous. None of us are living at Gunhill right now so obviously we wouldn’t have received any previous notices in our Gunhill mailbox – they KNOW this, the asses that they are. The manager even called me the other day to indicate repairs were finished (much later than originally indicated, when I was considering staying in Ithaca for the summer). No mention of this money. Perhaps if they just called instead of sending threatening letters, I wouldn’t be so peeved.

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My Shit List

Gunhill Residences is going on my shit list. So now the list includes:

  • America Online
  • Royal Rent-a-Car
  • Gunhill Residences

Gunhill refuses to give me my deposit because my housemates and I are “jointly and severably liable” even though I’m not responsible for the damage. Additionally, they are taking their sweet time in getting the repairs started. Not only that but they’re repainting walls and replacing carpeting in second floor areas that weren’t even affected. Uhm, sure insurance covers it but you’re making us pay the deductible. That’s just wrong.

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Bad Low Carb Food

What’s up with this stupid low carb craze? My biology professor said fad diets are never good – most of them are not even healthy. The Atkins diet actually isn’t good. And this is true with all fad diets: once you stop, you regain the weight you lost very fast.

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The Brenda Clucas Hecht Business Award

I’ve been studying all day and about 30 minutes ago I awoke from an hour-long nap. I check my email and discover great news! My group won an award for an entrepreneurship course we took this semester (AEM 325). It was a lot of work but I learned so much and it has become one of my favorite classes.

Anyway, my group won the ‘Brenda Clucas Hecht Business Award’ for the business plan we developed and each of us is getting a plaque and $300! That is pretty awesome. And it’s not about the money, because we didn’t even know we could get awarded. It’s about the recognition for all the hard work we did, for which I’m really proud. I must also mention my hard-working group mates, Matt Nixon and Steve Yu. This was a team effort and we did outstanding work.