Now I Understand Where It’s Coming From

Okay, so many of you know I’m a business major here at Cornell, but the major is officially called Applied Economics and Management or AEM. Sometimes AEM majors get stereotyped as a bunch of party-goers who have an easy major. This is also true for the Hotelies here. I can’t speak for the Hotelies but for the most part this stereotype is NOT true. But most stereotypes have some roots in truth right? Well now I finally understand where this is coming from.

I’m going to try and describe everything so specific details are not identifiable. So I’m taking this class, it’s not business related, I’m only taking it for fun. But basically we have this final group project. The groups are very large so we’ve subdivided into smaller groups to work on each section of the report. Naturally, I’m in the marketing group. Well there’s this other guy, I’ll call him Bob, he’s also an AEM major. So a few weeks ago when the group was brainstorming ideas, he kept suggesting these utterly ridiculous and sometimes offensive ideas. I don’t know if he thought he was funny or what but all I was thinking was “this guy’s a douchebag.”

Then when our mini-group has to start coming up with ideas and write the marketing section, Bob sends an email saying – “Hey I’m an AEM major, I don’t mind doing some made-up analysis stuff, like fake graphs type stuff.” Keep in mind I’m not paraphrasing or summarizing in any way, I’m quoting verbatim.

I’m just thinking.. WTF??? What do you mean by fake analysis stuff? Fake graphs? You had to precede this by indicating you’re an AEM major? As if being an AEM major has given you expertise in doing this kind of thing? I mean wow, way to go for representing AEM! Dumbass!

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