US Open – Agassi vs. Blake

Wow, the quarterfinal match between Andre Agassi and James Blake was such a great match. 5th set tiebreaker to decide the match. Agassi was down 2 sets to love and came back to win the match. I was rooting for Agassi because hey, the man is 35 years old and still competing with the best players in the world. Blake definitely played a great match, the guy has a very strong forehand but unfortunately for him, Agassi was able to pull through. To Agassi’s credit, there were really some awesome winners and returns.

US Open 2005 Andre Agassi

Meanwhile, during the match I was locked in a battle of my own, going head to head with Tom in Texas Hold’em. I have the short stack but I’ve repeatedly pulled through on rivers and what not, to Tom’s frustration. We’ve temporarily paused the game until tomorrow. :-?





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  1. Leslie

    I am so confused. I watched this Blake and Agassi match last night……but am I to understand that I was watching a RERUN of last years OPen???

  2. Alison

    Yes, they replayed the 2005 Agassi vs Blake US Open match on Tuesday 29AUG06 due to the 2006 matches being rained out. That 2005 match was AMAZING!! I’ve seen it 4 times in re-runs now, and I get goosebumps each time!

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