The Situation in New Orleans

First and foremost, everyone should do what they can to help:

I keep reading article after article about how the situation in New Orleans is degenerating and how the lawlessness is rampant i.e. people shooting at hospital evacuations. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with these people? There needs to be a serious crackdown on crime in the city – hopefully the increased troop deployments will help (better late than never).

New Orleans Under Water The power of nature is pretty amazing. No matter how technologically advanced we are, we still succumb to mother nature. One hurricane and an entire city is FUBAR. The city is under 7 feet of water, uninhabitable, and citizens are desperate or dying. I really can’t see how the city is going to be rebuilt. Everything is destroyed and soaked in a soup of water, sewage, and bacteria. From my experience with the Gunhill flooding, I know that all those homes and buildings under water are GONE – repair is impossible, you can only replace them. The utility infrastructure is gone and even if they patch up the levees, you’d literally have to pump out the lake that is New Orleans. It would be a huge and costly undertaking to restore the city.

It’s really sad to see this kind of natural disaster. My heart really goes out to those affected. As for the federal government, let’s just say I think Bush is handling this very slowly and poorly. I’m not going into how I feel about the Bush administration again today.

P.S. Last night I saw regular gas at 3.499 – wow 8O. Good thing is by the time I can buy my own car maybe we won’t be using gasoline anymore :-D. If you’ve been given a car, I don’t really care for your complaining. Deal with it.






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