Knicks and the Playoffs

You want to know why it’s frustrating watching the Knicks? Because they sabotage themselves. Different coaches, different players, different GM’s, but it always happens.

The Knicks had a very good chance to grab the 6th spot in the East and not have to play Miami or Chicago in the first round of the playoffs. If the Knicks had won all 4 of their last 4 games, and Orlando won 1 and lost 3, they would have a tie record and since the Knicks have a winning record againts Orlando, they would be 6th.

Well, the Knicks lost to the lowly Cleveland Caveliers at the start of those 4 games, a game they should have never lost, against an inferior team. This happened after the Knicks clinched a playoff spot and everybody got complacent. The Knicks then beat Atlanta, LA Clippers, and they’re playing the Bobcats right now.

The Magic won one of those 4 games and lost two, they’re now playing Memphis and they’re down 24 at halftime, scoring a measly 30 points in the first 2 quarters. So the Knicks had a great chance, but they’re just freaking stupid. Philly is tanking against Detroit because they want to play the Bulls so it looks like the Knicks are finishing 7th no matter what. Good luck trying to beat Miami. I believe but it just doesn’t look good.

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