Say No to Nash

If the Knicks sign Steve Nash instead of Jeremy Lin, I’m going to give up on this team for a good long while. Never say never, but my fan devotion is going wherever Lin goes. Nash is great but he’s old. He’s 38. He’s still playing great but if I was a GM, I’d give him one year, with a 1 year option at best. The guy wants a 3 year deal. I think that’s a risk at his age.

Plus the Knicks can’t afford both unless they want to pay a hefty luxury tax. So it’s likely to be one or the other but who knows. Lin is bringing in so much money to MSG that they’d be dumb not to sign him. But the Knicks management are unpredictable. Mainly because a lot of stuff they do is illogical. At least historically speaking.

Knicks can only offer Lin the mid-level exception of $5 million. Same thing for Nash. If they want to offer more, they’re going to have to pay a penalty. In fact any long term deal in the future for Lin is probably going to involve penalties, because the Knicks just do not have any cap space, with the mammoth contracts of Stoudemire and Anthony. But it’ll probably be worth it considering how much money they’re making off Lin. In fact everyone’s been making money but Lin. Yes, he’s got the renegotiated Nike contract and the new Volvo deal, and other things. But I bet his agent is regretting the “take it slow” approach now. Because the injury puts everything on hold, probably until next season.

I think it’s in everyone’s best interests to keep in Lin in New York. Knicks, do the right thing for once!

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