No Escape Plan for Bin Laden?

I find it really strange that someone like Bin Laden didn’t have some type of rapid escape plan for exactly the type of raid the United States conducted that ended with his death. You would assume the most wanted fugitive on the planet would expect that some day the U.S. might figure out where he is and go in after him. So maybe some type of underground tunnel or something. I mean they even built that whole compound he was living in. The fact that he did not have such contingencies makes it seem like he felt safe there, which would indicate the Pakistani government or elements in the government and its intelligence agencies knew he was there and and were providing safe haven for him. Something tells me the Pakistanis didn’t really believe the U.S. would go in unilaterally or at least would notify Pakistan beforehand, giving them time to warn Bin Laden.

But of course, this is all speculation and conspiracy theory stuff. Just wondering out loud. For Bin Laden to be surprised in the middle of the night with just 3 men with him, he must have felt relatively safe and did not expect a raid like that to happen. Very odd.

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