Syrian Troops Open Fire on Protesters in Several Cities

NY Times: Syrian Troops Open Fire on Protesters in Several Cities. We don’t particularly like Syria either. Say the protests escalate as protesters arm themselves. Syrian military clashes with civilians and responds the same way Libya did. Do we also start bombing Syria? If so, when does it stop exactly? What about Yemen too? You can see why Defense Secretary Gates is opposed to further intervention in the Middle East. Things are never simple and it’s a slippery slope. Why not bomb Laurent Gbagbo’s force over in the Ivory Coast while we’re at it?

I’ll leave you with this, countries like Yemen, Syria, Ivory Coast, don’t have the same vast oil reserves as Libya. The United States has a strategic interest in a Libyan government that is favorable towards us. Like I said before, no country does something major without its own self interests in mind. Sure, we partially do want to protect Libyan civilians, but are they somehow more important than civilians being gunned down by their government in other countries?

Happy Friday and have a good weekend. Over and out.

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