Another Freaking Tweener by Roger Federer

Roger Federer hit another amazing tweener tonight against Dabul! And again it was a clean winner. However, Dabul was standing at the baseline, which makes the clean winner that much more amazing. Dabul stared at that ball going past him with complete disbelief (which was hilarious). AND Roger hit it from about 10 feet behind the baseline! Man, that is just pure awesome. You might go 10-20 years and never see something like that. And Roger has now done it 2 years in a row at Authur Ashe stadium. First night, and we already have the shot of the tournament.

Here it is, unbelievable:

FYI, tweener is tennis slang for a between-the-legs shot. It’s usually done with your back to the net, trying to chase down a lob. People attempting a tweener rarely even get the ball in. It’s usually a high ball that gets smashed or it’s dumped into the net. Rarely do you see a clean winner like this. Unless you’re Roger Federer.

Last year against Djokovic (this tweener set up a match point in the semifinal):

Comparison on ESPN:





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