Summer’s Over

Wow, haven’t posted in a month. I don’t know if I’m going to keep blogging actually. This site is here just because. Anyway, lots of stuff going on. Summer vacation and other stuff. Then my PC crapped out for a whole week. This caused all kinds of havoc with my work and I’m STILL catching up right now. Because not only did I fall behind on deadlines, a ton of new work typically comes in this time of year.

Far East Movement’s Like a G6 is #1 on iTunes! Wow, music by Asian Americans in the mainstream, nice. Speaking of music I’m listening to some stupid Kate Perry song – “let me see your peacock your peacock peacock” – wow seriously? SKIP.

What else… you know what I hate? When people tag every single email as important. It’s completely meaningless when you tag EVERY single email as important. I use Outlook so there’s this exclamation mark for important emails. I’m completely blind to it now – that mark has absolutely no meaning to me.

Yes this post is all over the place. ;-) PEACE.

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