Pesky Mosquito

Every once in a while, a single mosquito makes its way into my room at night and it’s very annoying. Last night a single mosquito in my room stung me 4 times within 20 minutes. It was 2am and I wanted to sleep but that thing would’ve eaten me alive.

Tip: Carefully look over your walls top to bottom. When not sucking your blood, mosquitoes tend to rest on walls. It can be real tough depending on the size of your room and also because mosquitos are so small and hard to notice. But the mosquito is usually stationary. Or you can sit still and wait for it try to bite you and swat it. I tried that at first but 1) it’s easy to not notice the mosquito while it’s on you and 2) it’s very hard to keep sight of it once it flies off of your body. So I eventually started scanning my walls.

In total, it took me a whole freaking hour but I eventually found it and killed it. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep soundly otherwise. I hope you enjoyed your last meal sucker.

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